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Figuring (dBA) noise levels for multiple fans and fan panels.

Add the highest dBA noise level to the dBA increase amount shown for the number of fans/panels being used.

Number of Fans/Panels

dBA Level increase

2 3.0
3 4.8
4 6.0
5 7.0
6 7.8
7 8.5
8 9.0
9 9.5
10 10.0

When you need silent cooling or high power cooling the answer is procool

Cabinet Fans - Rackmount fans - Custom Cooling Systems

*FREE shipping on all Rackmount and Cabinet Fan Systems

Procool specializes in Silent cooling systems designed for home theater applications as well as professional studios. Procool fans provide the most airflow with the lowest fan noise.
Custom systems for closets, media racks, server racks and spot cooling components.

On the other side of cooling, Procool excels with High power cooling systems designed for servers and server rack systems as well as pro audio where high airflow is needed. Stock systems with 200+ CFM are the top choice for server room applications. Custom systems up to 300 CFM also available.


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Silence for Studio use
Model SP480X

Airflow = 128 CFM
Noise = 20 dBA
Suitable for use in sound sensetive environments.

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(1U) One rack space with temp control

Available with high power fans or quiet fans

SP640TV (High power fans)

SP640X (Quiet fans)

1U and 2U VENT panels


Procool SX and SXT series fans.

Procool fans have the highest airflow to nise ratio than any other fans in its class. The spacially designed blade reduces air noise keeping the overall operating noise below an audible level. Max noise is rated at 14dBA while delivering 32 CFM of airflow. Most fans running with low noise levels only produce about half of the airflow.

All SX and SXT models feature a removable blade prop.
This allows for easy cleaning and re-lubrication.
When properly maintained these fans will run for many years providing more airflow with less noise.

The SXT fans have a thermistor probe which varies the speed of the fan based on temperature. When cool the fan will run at about 1200 rpm. As heat increases the fan speed will increase gradually up to 2400 rpm.

The SX series fans are a fixed speed at 1600 rpm also producing 32 CFM of airflow. Rated at only 14 dBA it is virtually silent. Perfect for home theater applications.

Server Cooling Systems

PROCOOL Professional Rack Fans provide reliable cooling systems designed for industry specific needs.
From high power fans for extreme cooling to variable speed temperature controlled silent fans.
Rack mountable and DIY cabinet fan systems.

(1U) Rack mount fans

(2U) Rack mount fans

High power server cooling system

High Pressure Airflow: 212 CFM
Noise: 45 dBA


Model #TV440 "High output-one rack space!"
Noise: 32.01 dBA Airflow: 28.4 CFM

Save the life and performance quality of your rack mounted equipment. Thermal damage will destroy your expensive gear. With a TURBO VENT you can save hefty repair bills and replacement costs.


Model #SL480B
Noise: 26 dBA Airflow: 86 CFM

4 Blue LED high power 80mm fans BLAST over 86 CFM of Airflow while running at a whisper silent 26 dBA of noise!
Perfect for DJ racks, Stage, Studio, Broadcast and Server racks