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When you need silent cooling or high power cooling the answer is Procool
Procool fans provide the most airflow with the lowest noise.

Procool pioneered the industry in Silent cooling systems designed for professional studio and home theater applications.

On the other side of cooling, Procool leads the industry with High power cooling systems.
Server rack cooling systems - Industrial and Military grade systems - Custom designed systems.

Whatever the application, we work with the customer to provide the best cooling options.

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Properly Cooled Amp Rack Front

Professional Rack Cooling

Procool rack cooling systems can be linked together for the most effective rack cooling solution.
1 rack space temp controlled panels in the front combined with slave panels in the rear can save valuable rack spaces.
Combined with rear fans, Vent panels can be incorporated to create channeled air paths.

The Procool SX and SXT series fans are designed for quiet and smooth operation. Recommended for noise sensitive applications.

The Procool T and TV series fans are designed for industrial type applications where more airflow is required. The T series systems provide 300+ CFM.

Properly Cooled Amp Rack Back
PROCOOL Professional Rack Fans provide reliable cooling systems designed for industry specific needs. From high power fans for extreme cooling to variable speed temperature controlled silent fans. Rack mountable and DIY cabinet fan systems can be configured for specific application requirements.

(1U) Rack mount fans

(2U) Rack mount fans

Model T280

High Airflow Industrial grade 2U rack mount cooling fan. 160 CFM!

1U & 2U Blank Panels

PROCOOL Blank rack panels? Why not put a fan in that empty space? In most cases, you should. Blanks can be used to block open spaces to control the airflow when using multiple fan systems. Often used in the back of the rack. Also great for DIY applications. Drill your own holes for pass through cables or holes for mounting plugs.

Procool fans have a higher airflow to noise ratio than any other fan in its class.
The specially designed blade reduces air noise while increasing airflow.
Max noise is rated at 14dBA while delivering 32 CFM of airflow.

All SX and SXT models feature a removable blade.
This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. When regularly cleaned and properly maintained, these fans will run for many years.

The SXT fans have a temp sensor (thermistor) that tells the fan how fast to run. The fan will automatically start at about 75°F and run at low speed of 1000-1200 RPM. As temperature increases the fan speed will increase. The fan reaches full speed of 2400-2500 RPM at about 104°F Likewise, the fan will decrease in speed as the temp drops and will shut off when the temp falls below 75°F. The fan temp sensors can be moved to optimize or fine tune fan operation.

The SX series fans are fixed speed at 1600 rpm. Also producing 32 CFM of airflow. Rated at only 14 dBA, it is virtually silent. The best choice for the most noise sensitive applications.

Most Popular Rack Mount Fans


2U Rack mount Variable speed, Silent, Temperature controlled cooling system.

EU plug adaptor

2U Rack mount High Airflow cooling system
Popular for Server and IT cooling needs.


1U Rack mount High airflow cooling system
Add a slave unit that is controlled by this one!

Most Popular Cabinet Fan Systems


2 Fan silent temperature controlled cabinet fan system


2 Fan silent temperature controlled cabinet fan system with programmable temp controller


4 Fan silent temperature controlled cabinet fan system with programmable temp controller