Most Popular Rack Mount Fans


2U Rack mount Variable speed, Silent, Temperature controlled cooling system.


1U Rack mount High Airflow cooling system
Designed for Hughes & Kettner.


1U Rack mount High airflow cooling system
Add a slave unit that is controlled by this one!

Procool Modular rack mount fan system

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Fan model SXT180

Silent Rack Mount Fan Systems


High Airflow

Industrial Quality Server cooling solutions


LED Rack Mount Fans


Light up your rack with an LED rack fan. We have Red, Blue, Green, Purple and White.
Or you can mix colors to create your own style in the Custom section.

Model HK640B designed for

Designed for the Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister Deluxe 40 Guitar Amp!
Quiet Blue LED fans will look and work great for any amp rack!
Get the discounted bundle price with RM40 rack mounts for the Grandmeister or RM20 rack mounts for the Tubemeister.

Silent Cabinet Fans

Procool SXT80 fan

Specially designed blades that eliminate noise while increasing airflow.

Silent operation at full speed.

Noise Level: 6-14 dBA
Airflow Level: 32 CFM

Most Popular Cabinet Fan Systems


2 Fan silent temperature controlled variable speed cabinet fan system


2 Fan silent temperature controlled cabinet fan system with programmable temp controller


4 Fan silent temperature controlled cabinet fan system with programmable temp controller

Custom Procool USA Fan

Custom Red White and Blue Fans in a 2U panel.

2 Year warranty

For 12 years procool has provided cooling for top tech companies, recording and broadcast studios, data centers and the military. Procool fan systems deploy the highest quality most dependable fans and components to build the best rack mount fans available.

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